North Coast

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North Coast

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Going to be coming accross to Ireland for a few days between the 20th and 25th of May after reccomendations along the lines of "miles of beach, if there is no wind then try surfing, if there is no surf there is the pub"! Going to be travelling from Port Stewart through Londonderry and across to Downies bay. Anyone know of any places we should definitely visit/avoid (depending on wind obviously)? would be grateful for input.

Drop me a message if you would like some company on the water too!

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for kitesurfing keep an eye on the NI kite forum to see when we are heading out

there are many great spots on the north coast for kitesurfing, on a NW to NE wind; East strand portrush, powerstewart strand in the designated area, castlerock, benone, rosapenna. many great surf spots as well, whiterocks, port ballintray etc.

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Re: North Coast

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Just updating the link..

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Re: North Coast

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you'll probably only get use of rossapenna with the wind direction

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