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Fri Mar 24, 2006 8:57 pm

Got my first session in on the 12m Answer yesterday.

Great kite - very stable, good jumps, fantastic for wave riding, good range. Wind was 16 - 20 to start with and finished 22-27 (kts) - mate was out on 10m Vegas.

Feels smooth compared to C kites - much more chilled out, hardly yanked about at all, which is great for surf. Enjoyed the wave riding on my surf board the most but think that the jumping could be awsome with a TT.

Need to take it out at the bottom of its range to see how that goes.

Hardly notice the bridle as there is very little of it - a big plus in my book.

No idea about relaunch as didn't need to and feel unsure about the leash, which I'm sure works fine, but would like to try it in light winds first!

Bar looks pretty much like any other bar and I think that any bar could in fact be used with the addition of a line to the top of the depower strap. The kite can either be flown with bar close for wave riding/depower or against the stopper for jumps depending on how the strap is set - at least thats my take on it. 50cm bar seemed fine and kite turned fast - would like to try 20m lines for that immediate turning ability although had no problems in the waves at all. Bar pressure was average - about the same as my Vegas kites.

Jumps similar to C kites but doesn't need as much redirection and seemed very floaty - looking forward to exploring this some more!

Only took me about 10 mins to adjust to the kite from C kites to so very easy to use.

Overall a great session and I'm well pleased with the kite. The 9m will be fantastic if its like this one.
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Sat Mar 25, 2006 2:19 pm

BIG up to the AJ crew!

Yeah, been good in SA....nice an warm! Not much wind about of late just had 2 sessions on the answer so far. Have my kite rigged so lines on closest knot to the depower strap. It has taught lines most of the time....can give you a yank every now an then like a C does when over powered but depower slightly and that won't happen.Gonna experiment with outer knots and see what happens. Also moved bottom stopper ball up 2-3cm to stop any oversheeting for unhooking.

Reckon ito speed 12 is most comparable to a 10m spittie....wicked! for waves. Bomber construction .....gusty conditions are a thing of the past, soaks it up for a joke.

Smitty your F16 gonna be a double on this one ...she is quick in a loop.

Would kill for a Wave Session on Fistral with the Answer !!!!

Red, blk and grey ...only one in my home town an its mine..mewhahah
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Sat Mar 25, 2006 7:52 pm

Had another good go today. The quick release works fine as did just letting go of the bar when unhooked, the kite just falls and lands on it's side ready to go. The amount of pop created is excellent, I could never seem to get my head around getting decent pop but now I can easypeasy. Jumps are impressive as is the hangtime.
Overall everything on this kite is well thought out from the PU covered depower rope to the little plastic stick things to open the non return valves on the bladders.


Sat Mar 25, 2006 8:10 pm

i saw a slingshot td today down local beach :shock:

now i know what inverting means - i guess slingshot dont have the answer!

can someone explain the depower on the caution - am i right in thinking its alot closer to c kite power management than sle/bow kites?

how then does kite depower without pulling if you miss the bar?

cheers mart
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Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:06 pm

Had the kite luff today after a big wind shift and it fell through the lines. I was ready for the swim in but tried to relaunch anyway, the kite took off easily enough just with the lines crossed where the kite had rolled through the front lines. It didn't invert! Also tried a normal C kite self launch and it works just the same.
Sean (AJ)
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Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:51 pm

thetrash wrote: Also tried a normal C kite self launch and it works just the same.
Epic !

@muppet... Its double simple... I'll get back with some pics and info soon fella.
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Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:48 am

hey there everybody, my name's ric and i was riding the 12m answer at the beginning and towards the end of the Brancaster vid:
http://kiteforum.tv/index.php?option=co ... 4&Itemid=7
I'd never ridden the kite before and it took me a while to realise how to move it about the window and once thetrash told me how to do it properly i was doing ok. I think the first jump on the clip is nice and floaty at 5 seconds and by that point i had it dialed. unhooked felt really awesome too

Disclaimer: Airjam distribute caution and help me out with gear as i'm a full time student so i will endeavour to be fair in my comments.

I weigh 74 kilos and was riding a 132 Redline06 with tiny fins. ive been riding about 3 1/2 years and only get out every 3 1/2 weeks if im lucky due to school and distance from the beach. There was a 6'6", 17 stone friend of mine on a small board out completely maxed on a 10 C-kite.

Wind was around 30 mph gusting 36 mph and it was pretty sketchy.

Thetrash fully depowered the kite for me and as soon as it was in the air it felt like a fast stable C kite but with loads of depower and a kind of dampering effect on gusts. When i hit the water i felt like the wind had gone cross-offshore because i was cutting up everyone else's tracks and this was on a board with almost no fins - that was pretty cool. by the end of the session in one hard tack the guy with the camera became very small. i came back in on my first run and went for an unhooked 720 and treated the kite like a C - as you can see on the vid i went all kung-foo style and landed sketchily. but the fact is it swung from one side to the other very fast and then back again allowing me to keep on riding where usually i would have been swimming. i liked the feel of the kite as it moved through the turn and it was really nice for transitions.

the bar is top quality but i have two main problems with it: firstly there is no way you could quick release fast if you were in a really quick and dangerous situation. it's just not possible to put your finger in a loop and pull it the perfect direction when the shit truly hits the fan. secondly, when you release the kite doesn't fully depower and so if it goes through the wind window in a 36 mph gust you get spanked on land. admittedly i did have the depower strap all the way in at this point and it was quite dangerous getting a very sharp jerk from my suicide leash. the side line is available for full depower and i was completely maxed on the thing.

another problem is that when it's fully depowered and you sheet out all the way there is a risk of it dropping out of the sky at the zenith. this was mainly rider error (never ridden a bow before) but also due to the extremely gusty conditions. i think it isnt an issue when you hold the kite at the side but when its at the top the lack of back line pressure can make it drop.

with regard to jumping. just dont swing it like a C - took me a while to work this out (with the help of thetrash) and most of my jumps on that vid are lame cos i swang the thing like mad. the first jump on the Brancaster vid is where i sent it to 11 o clock and got some fantastic lift. it felt really great and soft once i had the technique sorted. one time i looped the kite at the apex of a jump and it felt incredible - i know jumps always seem a lot bigger than they are but that felt higher than i've ever been. it was so fast and soft i think the potential for big, controlled air is brilliant.

i didnt do much wakestyle because of the wind but hooked in pop tricks felt really nice. im no good at waveriding but i did some carving turns and i guess the full depower is perfect for surfing on 6' board. the build quality from caution is legendary so i assume it is on the answer. bar pressure seemed absolutely fine too - i went out for about 2 hours and my arms were fine.

essentially, ive only had one session in very strong gusty winds. the answer feels fantastic. im a little worried about the QR and the leash in high winds (connected to the back of my harness) gave a good yank when i let go. the lift is really good and soft once you sought the technique (which is easy) but by far the most incredible aspect is the upwind. 3 big boosts to every tack - personally ive never experienced anything like it.

i hope ive given a fair review - it's my first one - if anyone has any questions please PM me. i think everyone should give this kite one go because i was sold with 10 mins on it.


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Sun Apr 23, 2006 3:22 pm

Yeah good review sounds a great kite, can't wait to try one.
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Mon Aug 21, 2006 10:49 am

My mate has the 16 . . .and we managed to invert it :oops: Though I blame user error . . . not equipment malfunction . .
Nice kite . . steady all over the wind window and depowers far better than my C, though not as far as the other bow we had out.
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Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:30 pm

I know its probably been said before but really pumping up the leading edge solid makes a hugh difference on the 16m. Under-inflated and its manners can be disconcerting.
That said the confidence this kite has given me to try things..did my 1st back loop/kite loop yesterday...landed fast but in control. I woulldn't have tried it on my Fuels.
Great Kite.

PS still up for sale though
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