Westward Ho! Beach Summer Kite Zones & Rules

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Admin can you make this one sticky please :) :)


ALL - Kite Buggy’s - Kite Surfers - Kite Landboards - Speedsailors
From 1st June until 30th September

This rule runs 24hrs a day 7 days a week - no exceptions even if the beach is empty
You can use any part of the beach to fly toy trick or delta Kites but any traction Kites or Kite surfers must fly launch & land in the summer Kite zone at the North end of the beach.

Traction Kite flying in the car parks, up over the Pebble ridge, on the golf course and in the dunes/grass area of Northam Burrows is Prohibited.



The Summer zone set out by Torridge District Council for Kite sports runs from the far end of the Sandymere Car Park (North end / Burrows Centre & Toilets end) right down to the Estuary at the far North end of the beach.

This has changed from last year’s zone.
Please Do Not Fly Up To The Walkway as this area is out of bounds

Please park cars right down as far as you can go at the North end of the car park if you are visiting the beach to take part in any Kite sports during the summer. (Burrows Centre & Toilets end)
Please then fly or sail north towards the Estuary/Saunton end of the beach not towards the town.
Please give way to the public who will be using the summer zones for non Kite related activity -Beware of swimmers/surfers if Kite Surfing & stay in the flying zone.
Kiters not following the rules may lose access to the Burrows for the summer season

Third Party Liability Insurance is compulsory for ALL traction Kite sports on the beach.
This includes ALL Kite Buggy, Kite Landboard & Kite Surfers even when first starting the sport.
Only Liability Insurance from the BBC or BKSA is acceptable & you must obtain this
before you Kite surf, Kite Buggy or Kite Landboard on Westward Ho! Beach – No Exceptions!
Get this insurance from http://www.britishbuggyclub.co.uk or http://www.Kitesurfing.org
Insurance is NOT available from the Burrows Centre or Council.
we will be checking to see if flyers are insured, so please carry your proof.

Although it is tempting to Buggy, Landboard and set up your Kitesurf kites on this usually firm and flat strip of sand, We have recently come in for some criticism from
members of the general public because buggies boards and kites can be very
intimidating so we need to ensure this becomes a non flying area in and out
of season.

Even though you may feel fully in control of your kite, it can be a very
frightening experience for someone unfamiliar with power kites so please
make sure that you avoid this practice and treat other beach users with the
utmost respect and give them an extremely wide birth at all times.
If you see anyone flaunting these rules then DO go over and say something and ask them to move, with a full ban on all kitesports at Saunton Sands now in place it is even more important for the flyers at Westward Ho! to act safe & keep a look out for other kite flyers and how they are flying around others.

Thinking of a summer Kite Holiday at Westward Ho!
The high summer (June/July/August) is not the time to be taking a kite holiday at Westward Ho! as the beach is very busy with hundreds of holiday makers who always have right of way over you and your kite powered vehicle, kite flyers are also restricted to the far end of the beach towards the estuary, the Kitesurfers will also have to follow these rules this year and will have to set up, launch & fly on the water within the zones.

We as a local club have worked hard with the local council to keep this site as open as possible for all flyers & would hope that all the flyers who visit the Ho will take note of the guide lines & rules for use of the beach & help keep this top site open to everyone.

Questions? need more info?
visit http://www.westwardwind.co.uk
Posts: 29
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Wed Jun 01, 2005 11:16 am

Today is the 1st of June so the summer rules kick in at the Ho!

Please stick to the rules, maverick flyers not following the rules will lose access to the beach for the summer leaving no where to fly traction kites on land and only on other site in the whole of North Devon to Kite surf on (Woolacombe)

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