Wipika airblast rigging

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Hi all I'm new to the site and new kitesurfing but have flown traction kites for years. I recently had a kitesurfing taster session and loved every minute.
I might get a bit of stick for this but I have acquired a wipika airblast 11.8 AR5.5 system 7. I believe it is 2002 but not confirmed. Yes it's old school but it looks in good condition. The bar will need some upgrade with quick release clips. At the minute I'm struggling to understand the rigging and any help will certainly be appreciated. There is two lines on each end of the kite with a pulley and a line on the back edge of the 2nd tube 7 tubes in total. I'm guessing I just use the end lines if so how does the pulley work and is the line on the 2nd tube just a fifth line flag out safety?
Thanks in advance
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