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Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:07 pm

Hi, I am currently working in Birmingham mid week and pass by Weston super on a Thursday evening. Checked the tides and this week looks good. I haven't brought my gear this week but was going to pop down to see what the kiting is like. Will anyone be around?
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Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:56 pm

Try the next beach south - "Burnham-on-sea", most people kite there. Weston is dangerous if you get the tides wrong and end up trapped on the deep mud flats.

Plenty of kiters on "Burnham Beach" and the north end, marked on maps as "Berrow".
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Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:29 am

Weston is a tidal spot. 2.5 - 3hrs either side of high tide. Mud dependent on the times. Sometimes you can get an extra 20 mins. Rarely, but it can & does happen. It's a long walk to the waters edge either end of the usable tide / stage / window.
If you stay out longer than those timings, then yes, the mud flats will trap you. If you're lucky, you'll get seen and you'll be on the local news.
But I have known of people to ride in over the mud. You don't look nice when you've done that. the mud gets in every where and it stains.

Don't swallow the water. And def do not swallow the mud.

The beach wardens are good at spotting you and will keep an eye on you, if they have time. That's mostly in the evenings. It's not their job to watch you tho'. So don't rely on them.

If it's not been windy for a week or more the majority of the walk to the water or from the water is through ankle deep mud. Gets pockets of calf deep mud out there as well. In the summer it gets a green/brown sheen over it and it stinks. The 'mud' is black. It is silt.
But, if it's been windy and there's been a lot of swell around, the beach can be very mud free.
The waves are wind driven.

It's a busy place nowadays. A quiet day is 15 - 20 in the middle of winter.

Works from W - NW. Can work in SW, but is gusty due to it coming round Brean down. Some locals also use it on a S, as the wind comes through a gap in the land between the 'mainland & Brean down. Again, gusty and it draws you out to the wind shadow behind Brean down. A small wind window cross shore along the beach.

You can loose boards, they can and will be taken out to sea when the tide is dropping. Esp if you drop your board at the Uphill end, it's a river there.
Park on the beach at the Royal Sands end of the beach, drive as far as you can in the segmented parking area.
As you look out to sea, you rig up to your left. Don't rig up in front of the carpark, that's for the poledancers and for pedestrians walking their dogs. Yes, there is dog shit around and the dogs will piss on your kit.
If you access the beach at the Uphill end, then you need to wait for the water to come almost fully in, unless you want to experience the weston waist deep muddy silt first hand.

Berrow is just the other side of Brean down. The big black land mass sticking out from the southern end of Weston bay. You can drive onto the beach at the far northern end, then drive south as far as you can, to the groins. If the entrance is closed, park near Brean village hall and walk through the dunes. (You can not get to the beach from weston, you have to drive along a twisty narrow lane, takes between 20 - 30 mins from weston)
Works better when it has some S in it. the locals are numbered on one hand.
Some days no-one is out. Where'as if it's windy, they'll always be someone out at weston, Kiter or Poledancer.
Similar conditions as weston, muddy(silt). Has a little bit more 'furniture' stuck in the sand, so best to be careful.
This beach is longer, you can kite the whole way down to Burnham on Sea if you wish. A good couple or three miles. Weston bay is about 1.5miles.

Burnham on Sea further south, is basically the estuary mouth for the river Parrett. More muddy than Weston, less of a walk. But has small metal spikes sticking out the mud/sand. So be careful. Can have many fish murderers along it's edge. Actually, so can weston. They hate us :lol:
Works SW - NW.
If your confident, you can tack across to the spit of land across the bay, about 3/4 of a mile. It's choppy in the middle of the estuary. You get a good wave there on a NW. You can get a super flat area downwind from here, but no run off and nowhere to land. You would be up a real shit streak without a paddle if it goes wrong there.
A busy day is, you and maybe one or two others. Mostly poledancers.
Park up at Poplar road, walk down the steps to the beach rig up there.
On high tides, there is no beach left, only a high sea wall. The safest option is to land further up to the dunes, by the wooden lighthouse and walk back through the dunes.

All the beaches above are the 2.5 - 3hr window before & after high tides. All are muddy / silty. All have furniture of different descriptions poking out at different sand & mud/silt movements. The club at Weston have been trying to clear up many of the dangerous bits in Weston bay, but new ones appear and others disappear. Keep your wits about you.
All the beaches are pretty similar, but they do have their own 'personalities'. One end of the beach will have completely different conditions to the middle or the other end. It keeps you on your toes.

I'll add more /other info as and when I remember it ;)

Weston club ... -info.html
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Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:56 pm

Thanks for the info guys
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